Ward Water’s Second Century Looks Bright

From installing water delivery wind mill equipment to specializing in cutting edge water filtration and treatment systems- what a difference a century can make! In 1896 Marcellus Ward launched a family run business helping to provide Maine families with clean, affordable, reliable sources of water.

If we could go back in time four generations, I’m guessing Marcellus would tell us he “could have never imagined what the future would hold in store for the Ward family “…

In the current issue of Water Conditioning and Purification Magazine Ward Water is featured in it’s monthly dealer column which focuses on small, local, family run Water Treatment businesses.

The article focuses on Ward’s gradual “metamorphosis” over the years from a company which originally installed Wind Mill Water Delivery Systems, then later grew into a successful  residential & commercial plumbing business, and finally developed into it’s current incarnation specializing in drinking water diagnosis and water treatment system installation.

“We couldn’t be more pleased with how great of a job WCP Online did at telling the story of Ward Water and detailing the transformation our company has naturally undertaken over the years” says current owner and fourth generation family member Charlie Ward.

“There are a great deal of very qualified plumbing companies throughout Maine (and throughout the country) and even less highly skilled water treatment professionals to choose from. Because the two disciplines require a very different skill-set and way of thinking, the two fields rarely seem to blend well together. I think this is where Ward Water has a tremendous advantage in helping the Maine households & businesses we serve- we’re able to look at the entire picture from many crucial perspectives when thinking about treatment solutions.”

To read the complete article visit:  Ward Water’s Second Century Looks Bright