A resource tool for helping Homeowners and Realtors with well-water related concerns.

After stubbornly (and successfully) embracing more than a century of tried and tested, simple, down to earth New England business practices- traits we will continue to embrace throughout the next century- we decided it was also time for Ward Water to officially embrace the digital communications age we all live in.

Introducing the all new Ward Water Blog

The Ward Water Blog will offer resources for the majority of issues that sooner or later most Maine homes with private wells are sure to experience.

Topics will include:

  • Health related water concerns- understanding the risks, what they mean to our families and how to address them
  • Home Sale & Purchase- examining issues that can make or break a real estate transaction
  • Common secondary problems (staining, odors, tastes etc.) and best treatment practices
  • Cost Savings- tips and advice on the real costs associated with poor water quality
  • Responsible Business Practices- thoughts and opinions on today’s business/customer relationship and what it means to care for the clients you serve

Helping each other

Our sincere goal is to provide a two way conversation that offers our readers not only great information and advice, but more importantly a place where their own voice can be heard as well.

What can you do to help make the Ward Water Blog a better community resource?

  1. Offer your thoughts, ideas and opinions so we can engage in meaningful conversations.
  2. Contribute your questions, stories and experiences so other readers can gain from your unique perspective.
  3. Share The Ward Water Blog page with others you think might benefit from our community.

And most importantly…let us know your thoughts on how we can make this community a better resource.

Thank You!