Sebago Maine Water | Arsenic, Radon, Uranium & Bacteria 

Sebago Maine water and healthy living.

If you live in Sebago and your home’s water comes from a private well, we can assist you with health related water treatment and testing for various problematic water related contaminants.

Health Concernsmaine water testing treatment

Below are just a few of the health related water concerns we recommend testing for in Sebago Maine water.

Sodium & Fluoride

Along with these water health concerns, Ward Water also treats for many other non-health related, yet problematic, water concerns.

Sebego Maine Water | Hardness Softening & Mineral Treatment

In addition to the Sebago area water health contaminants above, we also test and treat for issues related to water hardness and mineral contamination using systems such as Ion Exchange Water Softeners and Oxidative Mineral Treatment Filters.

We test and treat Sebago water for problematic concerns such as:

Hard Water   (calcium buildup)
Iron   (red staining)
Manganese   (brown & black staining)
Hydrogen Sulfide (rotten egg smell)
Low pH Acidic Water   (blue staining)


sebago water Clean & Healthy Sebago Water for More than a Century

In 1896, the Ward Family began installing wind mill based water delivery systems in homes surrounding the Sebago Lake region and throughout the mid-coast communities in Maine.

Years later, our company began changing form. Repairing the plumbing related problems stemming from poor water quality, became a significant part of our daily business.

In the 1970s, we made the decision to expand our services once again. It made far more sense for us to specialize in “treating” those water related issues, before they had the chance to cause problems for the homeowners we served.

We Can Help!

Today, regardless of the water concerns your family may have, Ward Water is here to help. From water softening to Radon, Arsenic and Uranium Mitigation, we’re here to help your family’s drinking water in any way we can.

If you have questions regarding water testing, diagnosis or treatment feel free to contact us via phone or email. In most cases we can answer many of your initial questions right over the phone.