Life in the Casco & Naples Region of Maine

Ward Water has specialized in water testing and treatment systems for homes in the beautiful Casco & Naples “Lakes Region” of Maine for more than 3 decades.

Towns such as Casco, Naples, Harrison and Bridgton offer families both a
fantastic environment to live as well as almost unlimited opportunities for vacationing and second homes.

If you are considering owning a home in the Lakes Region, we’ll tell you which standard water tests you’ll want to perform during your home purchase/sale. We’ll also share our thoughts on working with a qualified local Realtor.

Drinking Water in the Lakes Region

Like the majority of homes in Maine, properties in Casco, Harrison, Bridgton & Naples typically receive their family’s drinking water from a private well water supply. Homeowners throughout this area generally enjoy drinking water that is clean, free of contaminants and tastes fantastic.

Like any other part of Maine, The Lakes Region, has its own unique set of water characteristics and tendencies. Below, you’ll find a list of the typical water tests that we recommend having done before purchasing your new home.

What to Test For

  • The standard Mortgage Test  This is the standard test most buyers have performed when purchasing a home. It includes reporting for details such as water pH, Hardness, Iron, Manganese and even more serious contaminants like Bacteria and Arsenic. Most home inspectors & Realtors recommend this test as a normal procedure when a home is purchased.
  • Water Radon  Homes throughout the Northeast can be subject to Radon in both their water and air supplies. To be safe, it’s a good idea to test for both of these when purchasing your new home.
  •  Uranium  Water Uranium is a contaminant that hasn’t been commonly tested for in Maine, until very recent years. Much like water Radon testing was 10 years ago, there was very little awareness of the contaminant or of its health effects. Many parts of Maine, not limited to the Lakes Region, can at times be found to have higher than normal levels of this element. Once again, it’s always better to be safe than sorry- testing is inexpensive and can be easily included with your other testing results.

Working with a Realtor 

Regardless of the region of Maine you’re considering for a home purchase, we always recommend working with a Realtor that knows and specializes in the area your family is looking at.

Sunset Lakes Real Estate

There are many highly qualified real estate agents that specialize in working with buyers & sellers throughout the Lakes Region of Maine. One in particular that Ward Water has had personal experience working with is Lois O’Connor from Sunset Lakes Real Estate in Casco.casco maine homes

Lois and her agents have in-depth knowledge and years of experience working with buyers & sellers in the Casco & Lakes Region of Maine. They also specialize in working with waterfront and water connected properties.

A Great Time for Homes in Casco & the Lakes Region

In talking with Lois and other real estate agents Ward Water works closely with, this past year has seen a significant increase in home sales and purchases. Our own business consistency over the last year would support this as well. This is great news for both buyers and sellers in the Casco region.

Another very positive sign, according to Lois, is that the secondary home market is definitely on the upswing.

“With the stock market rising and interest rates and home prices remaining low, it’s a great time to by a home,” says Lois.

We couldn’t agree more!

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